A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss

Our holistic weight loss program combines the most powerful holistic and natural healing methods to help you lose weight, with effective & long term results.

Do you constantly crave or binge on certain foods?

Are you demotivated to exercise & stay fit?

Do you eat more or unhealthier when you feel stressed?

Do you procrastinate with your weight loss goals?

Do you lack the will power to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Does your weight make affect your self-esteem?

Lose Your Weigh & Regain Your Health!

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    Weight Loss

    At Illumination we focus on a weight loss approach that takes into consideration not just our dietary and lifestyle habits, but also our mental and emotional states and how they influence our ability to lose weight!


    The program focuses on the following:

    Psychological to Physiological Connection Understanding the MIND-BODY Connection & factors which contribute towards and how stress & emotions influence our eating habits.

    The impact of food on our biology and its effect on our psychology! – How certain foods change our brain structure, chemistry, and physiology thus affecting

    Transforming your life with every bite – How to eat more and weigh less!

    Basic Nutritional Planning: Examining our current food supply and the effects of the food eaten in the typical diet.

    Powerful Holistic Tools for emotional management, overcoming stress, reducing cravings and tuning into our bodies naturally intelligence.

    Goal Setting Tools with an actionable plan for motivating and setting into action an active & healthy lifestyle

    Confidence building exercises and visualization techniques to improve self-image, self-confidence & self Esteem

    About Our Holistic Approach to Weight Loss Program

    Our qualified relationship therapists guide you to make the necessary mental, emotional and behavioral & lifestyle changes to help you take charge of your health and lose the weight.

    At Illuminations offer the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to guide you towards weight & health resolution:

    Approaches Involve:

    BIO Feedback Scanning & Life Style Assessment, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutrition & Diet Advise, Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy Solutions, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness, NLP Life Coaching for Setting & Reaching Goals.

    Clients would require 3 – 5 sessions minimum to resolve the above issue.

    Clients can avail single sessions or avail the benefits of our discount packages!

    Discounts Include: Package of 3 (5% discount) Package of 5 (10% discount) Package of 10 (15% Discount)

    Our Package Includes:

    1 Free 30 Minute Consultation

    Treatment Package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions recommended by the practitioner with special discounts and offers.

    MP3 Audio or Hand Outs offering tools and techniques for daily practice and lifestyle changes.

    **Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual.