Managing Fears & Phobias

Our Qualified Therapists offer the most powerful & effective approaches and strategies to manage fears & phobias that keep you stuck in life!

Do you Struggle with the Following Fears?

Fear of Loss

Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Water (Hydrophobia)

Fear of Closed Spaces (Claustrophobia)

Fear of Death

Fear of Animals

Fear of Commitment

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    Fears & Phobias Management

    Fear is a strong, unpleasant emotional response from what we ‘perceive’ as potentially threatening circumstances and situations.

    Fear is essential to keep us alive! It’s part of our bodies’ natural inbuilt mechanism for survival, to protect us and increase our chances of surviving when we are faced with potentially life-threatening situations, such as a bear chasing you in a jungle!

    However, the nature of the mind is such that it holds on to these fears even in non-threatening situations. Our fears, many of which are irrational tend to disrupt our emotional state and block us from progressing in our hobbies, relationships and careers.

    Fear is useful in some areas and in certain situations. However, when fear overrides our choices, it’s extremely important to manage it and take control of it before it take control of us!

    Whether it’s the fear of flying that’s limiting your travel adventures, or that public speaking engagement you are running away from, when these fear gives rise, it is important to seize this as an opportunity to rise above our limitation and tap into your unlimited potential.

    These perceptions, beliefs and experiences triggering these fears and phobias are stored deep in the recesses of our memory bank.

    If left unresolved our fears seep into our mind, emotions our body and eventually threaten to disrupt & limit our experience of life.

    Our qualified therapists, guide you to manage & overcome fears and phobias so that you can live the life you desire!

    After all, FEAR is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real!

    About Our Fear & Phobia Management & Therapy Solutions

    Our qualified therapists, guide you to take the necessary steps to break free from your fears!

    At Illuminations, we integrate the most powerful & effect self-development tools combined with holistic healing approaches to guide you towards managing your fears & phobias. Goals of therapy involve:

    Identifying & Releasing Subconscious Limiting Belief Systems

    Identifying & Releasing Limiting & Toxic Emotions

    Reprogramming thought & Behavior Patterns & Positive Based Suggestion Work

    Age Regression & Inner Child Integration

    Desensitization & Trauma Release Therapy

    Creative Visualization

    Cognitive Behavioral & Psychotherapy Tools

    Approaches Involve:

    Psychotherapy & Counseling, Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching

    Clients would require 3 – 5 sessions minimum to resolve the above issue.

    Clients can avail single sessions or avail the benefits of our discount packages!

    Discounts Include: Package of 3 (5% discount) Package of 5 (10% discount) Package of 10 (15% Discount)

    Our Package Includes:

    1 Free 30 Minute Consultatio

    Treatment Package of 3, 5 or 10 sessions recommended by the practitioner with special discounts and offers.

    MP3 Audio or Hand Outs offering tools and techniques for daily practice and lifestyle changes.

    **Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual.