Energy Healing and Cleansing

Through healing & Balancing the energies within and around us, miraculous results are experienced on the mental, emotional and even physical levels!

What is Energy Healing?

Everything that surrounds you and what lies in your depths, including your body, your mind and your emotions consists of waves and energy patterns that are powerful enough to shape your life, your health, your energy and your relationships.

However, due to the following reasons:

Negative thoughts and feelings

Negative and jealousy of others

Unhealthy lifestyle and addiction

Energy waves are affected. Either their power is interrupted or their path is diverted, resulting in personal problems that they may encounter from time to time.

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    Energy Healing works on the principle that everything within and around us is made of energy. including our thoughts, emotions, and physical body!

    Energy healing also known as energy medicine treats the disruption in our bodies’ energy processes (aura, chakras, meridians) in order to return to an optimal state of balance and harmony.

    World leaders in science and research are now scientifically validating the different energy healing methods and how it can be applied as a powerful method of resolution for physical, mental, and emotional issues.

    Different Energy Healing Methods We Offer at Illuminations Include:

    Chakra Healing & Balancing

    Reiki Healing

    Aura Reading, Cleansing & Photography

    Theta Healing

    Crystal Healing

    Pranic Healing

    The Importance of Energy Healing

    Our Energy levels including our auras and chakras, influences and governs the functioning of our inner and outer selves.

    The levels of energy we operate from directly correspond with the way we think and feel.

    We naturally experience negative emotions such as stress, anger, fear, worry etc. from different people and situations in life.

    If these thoughts & emotions are left unaddressed it causes a a disruption of energy flow and can negatively impact our, health, relationships, mental state and overall well-being.

    In our vulnerable states, we can also sometimes catch negative energy and thought forms from other people and environments.

    Benefits of Energy Healing:

    Spiritual Benefits:

    Cleanses the Aura & Chakras

    Removes Negativity within & around you

    Attracts Positive Vibrations

    Protects you from negativity.

    Clears Your Space & Environment at home or in the work place.

    Emotional Benefits:

    Clear Emotional Pain, Hurt & Trauma

    Heals Relationship Issues

    Uplifts Mood

    Physical Benefits:

    Increased Energy Levels

    Reverses Illness & Disease

    Stronger Immune System

    Deep Physical Relaxation & Rejuvenation

    Energy Healing Private Consultations

    At Illuminations we offer various methods of treating disruptions in the energy body as outlined below.

    The practitioner will then recommend tools, tips and techniques to keep the energy cleansed at all times.

    These include:

    Chakra Healing & Balancing

    Reiki Healing

    Aura Reading & Cleansing

    Theta Healing

    Crystal Healing

    Pranic Healing

    Book Your Energy Healing Session & Experience the Miraculous Transformation in Your Life!

    **Disclaimer: The benefits mentioned above are based on each individual’s experience and results may vary for different individuals.

    Energy Healing Practitioners Training Programs

    Looking to become an energy healing practitioner to help yourself and others? Learn more about our practitioner training programs for energy healing.

    These include:

    Chakra Diagnosis Training & Attunement

    Reiki Healing

    Aura Reading & Cleansing

    Theta Healing

    Crystal Healing

    Energy Healing Meditations

    At Illuminations we offer a variety of energy based meditations in the form of a group healing.

    These meditations focus on the restoration of the mind, body and energy system, through a combination of specific breathing patterns and specific visualizations practiced simultaneously. This involves optimizing our energy to increase our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacity. The intention is to bring us back in balance to health and harmony through healing the subtle bodies.

    Group Healing Sessions are an excellent opportunity for individuals to benefit from the amplified collective energy that is generated from a focused group intention.

    The focused consciousness of meditating in a group for a special purpose increases the vibrational frequency and accelerates the healing process for a desired outcome.

    Types of Energy Healing Meditations:

    Reiki Healing, Gong Bath & Sound & Energy Healing Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Emotional Cleansing, Full Moon, Grounding, Violet Flame Meditation, Kundalini Meditation, Sun Moon Meditation for Yin/Yang Balance